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Manchester, New Hampshire Commercial Architecture Photography: SNHU Arena

Recently, I had the opportunity to explore some interesting architecture in Manchester, New Hampshire and one building that caught my eye was the SNHU Arena. As a personal project, I decided to document the building's unique features and design elements.

What sets the SNHU Arena apart is its stunning glass-paned exterior with metal columns that make a bold statement against the downtown Manchester skyline. The combination of materials and textures, including glass, brick, and metal paneling, adds a layer of interest to the building's design.

As a civic building, the SNHU Arena is designed to express the pride and vision of the community. The wave-like roof is inspired by the nearby Merrimack River and Amoskeag Falls, further reinforcing the connection between the building and the surrounding landscape. The building's design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, serving as a testament to the forward-thinking nature of the community it represents.

To capture the building's design choices and colors, I chose to take photos during golden hour when the soft, warm sun bathes the glass exterior in a gentle glow. The photos highlight the building's impressive features and showcase its beauty in a way that is both striking and intimate. Overall, the SNHU Arena is an impressive work of architecture that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, and it was a pleasure to document its design through my photography.

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