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About James 

Hi, my name is James Reed. I'm a New Hampshire-based, New England working, and traveling architecture and design photographer.  


With a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of the significance of natural light, composition, and post-processing techniques, I strive to create breathtaking images. Collaborating closely with architects, designers, real estate agents, and property owners, I aim to bring out the inherent beauty of each space and capture its distinctive character through my photography.

My passion for photography first started as I captured the strength and power of my fellow athletes and the sport of Bobsled. Some of my work has been published in publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and PEOPLE Magazine. As I continue my journey, my focus has shifted towards interior and architectural photography, where I lend my skills to builders, designers, and architects in the New Hampshire and New England regions.


Growing up as a military kid, I spent 16 years of my life in Garmisch, Germany. After completing high school there, I pursued my higher education at the University of Maine, where I studied Exercise Science and ran Track & Field. In 2014, I joined the US Bobsled team and was a member of the National Team for years. Throughout my bobsledding career, I won 5 World Cup medals and a Silver Crystal Globe. I served as an alternate during the 2018 Olympics in Korea, I proudly represented my country as a member of the 2022  Olympic team in China. Our team finished 13th in the 4-man event.



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