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Commercial Architecture Photography: 1 Willoughby Sq in Brooklyn

As an architecture and design photographer from New Hampshire, 34 story office buildings are hard to come by. 1 Willoughby Square in Brooklyn was an amazing opportunity to challenge myself and learn some new skills. This magnificent 34-story tower offers unobstructed views of New York’s skylines and waterways and opens directly to the 1-acre Willoughby Square Park.

The building's offices are just as impressive, featuring 14,500-square-foot floorplates with column-free lease spans and 14-foot slab heights. The interiors and landscaped terraces overlook the new Willoughby Square Park, offering 360-degree vistas from New York Harbor to Prospect Park. And for those who occupy multiple levels, the connected floors come with 28-foot clearances.

The architect behind this marvel is Dan Kaplan of FXCollaborative, who conceived 1WSQ as an industrial loft for the 21st century. Kaplan combined the exposed structure and daylighting of classic New York buildings with the energy-efficient systems and interior-exterior integration that today’s businesses demand. It's no wonder that FXCollaborative is departing Manhattan to reestablish its headquarters on three floors of 1WSQ.

As for our recent photoshoot, we couldn't have asked for a better location than the 16th floor amenity space at 1 Willoughby Square. The unobstructed views of the city were breathtaking and provided the perfect backdrop for our project. The building's modern design and spacious interiors also made it easy for us to get the shots we needed.

Overall, 1 Willoughby Square is a modern marvel that offers not only stunning views but also impressive office spaces. It's the perfect location for any creative project, and we can't wait to shoot here again in the future.

Here are some of my favorite shots from this shoot:

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