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Aerial Architecture Photography: Maine Solar Project

As an architecture and design photographer, I mostly photograph buildings and interiors. When I was asked to photograph a new solar project for DSD Renewables I was excited to apply my trained eye and skills to a different type of work.

For this shoot, I woke up at 4 am and chased the sunrise from New Hampshire to get to Rumford, Maine so I could capture the warm, soft light cascading over the Fall landscape. However, as I was driving up the valley I was completely fogged in making me think this shoot was going to be a bust. I arrived in the parking lot and nervously got my drone ready to fly. The drone took off and for a few seconds, I could see nothing but grey until I broke through the clouds and saw one of the most amazing sites.

It was the perfect scene. A beautiful sunrise with an orange-to-blue hombre sky, low-lying fog in the valley to create this amazing contrast between the changing leaves, and the solar field just basking in the sun atop the hill.

After my initial drone flight, I took out my DSLR so I could capture the sun's rays through the fog and the solar panels. This whole shoot was just amazing and one of those days I will never forget.

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